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Summer in Chicago Brochure

The Summer in Chicago program was centered around Yoyoma’s Silk Road project. Eun-Ha did a series of illustrations showcasing the food, fashion, games, art, dance and music from the Silk Road. The silk thread-like lines incorporated into the drawings tie this series together.

CLIENT: BirkDesign for the City of Chicago

Illustrator: Eun-Ha Paek
Art Director: JinJa Birkenbeul

Nike Asia Illustration

Eun-Ha was very excited to be a part of this Nike Asia ad campaign featuring art by Asian women artists. She loved that it focused on the feeling you get after working out rather than the workout itself. Each artist got word to illustrate – hers was Clarity.

The campaign was used in magazine pullouts, t-shirts and billboards.

CLIENT: Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo

Illustration: Eun-Ha Paek
Art direction: Donjiro Ban

Old Navy Screensaver

Old Navy looked to us to make a fun screensaver as part of an in-store giveaway. The directive was to create something that would appeal to both kids and parents with a look that was different from their usual material while maintaining the Old Navy flavor.

CLIENT: Old Navy

Art Director, Designer, Animator: Eun-Ha Paek
Project Management, Additional Art Direction: Old Navy

The Fancy

Episode 7 of an online series featuring an Elephant who fancies shoes. Appeared in Resfest 2002 Videos that Rock! Program

Director, Animator, Illustrator, Photographer: Eun-Ha Paek
Music: Takako Minekawa with Dymaxion courtesy of Emperor Norton Records and Polystar Records

Make Your Own Damn Card

Make your own damn card. Holiday greeting for 415 productions. Finalist in FlashForward 2000. We also made a Valentine’s version for

CLIENT: 415 Productions

Concept, Animation, Illustration, Programming: Karl Ackermann
Illustration: Aaron Meshon
Server-side Programming: Chris Allert
Additional credits for Valentines:
Pink interface: Paul Kim
Audio: Heather Perkins