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Winterfresh Gum Commercials

Under the creative direction of BBDO Chicago, we developed an eye-catching commercial campaign for Wrigley’s Winterfresh gum brand. We directed and produced four on-air and three online spots with an irreverent anything-goes style to champion the power of fresh breath: CoolBreathPower.

CLIENT: BBDO Chicago for Wrigley

Director, Illustrator, Animator: Karl Ackermann
Additional animation: Jon Bryzski, Takeshi Murata, Eun-Ha Paek, Arthur Jones
Producer, Creative Direction, Copy: BBDO Chicago

Bubblicious Gum Website

For Cadbury’s Bubblicious gum brand website, we drew on references from MAD magazine to the Saturday morning commercials of yore to develop this humorous and playful website designed with tweens in mind. In addition to the website, we created and developed 4 gum themed games.


Karl Ackermann: Creative Direction, Copy
Eun-Ha Paek: Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Animation
Jon Brzyski: Design, Copy, Illustration
Takeshi Murata: Illustration, Animation
Sound: Jona Bechtolt, E*rock
Additional Animation, Illustration: Julian Gatto, Arthur Jones, Will Bredbeck
Programming: Patrick Smith, Howard Wakefield, Gabriel Jensen, Louis Santos, Smerc, Chris Robinson, Brad Pauly

P.S. from Aeropostale Website Teaser

Aeropostale looked to us to create a fun animated web teaser for their new tween clothing brand, p.s. from aeropostale. Our solution was to create word balloon characters with constantly changing emoticon faces that interact with the logo in a playful way. Brand graphics are revealed within the logo, giving a sneak peek at the fresh style of the new brand.

Client: Aeropostale

Director, Character Designer, Animator: Eun-Ha Paek
Creative Direction, Producer: Karl Ackermann
Sound Designer: Eric Mast
Backend Programming: Brad Pauly

Nike Women Europe Interactive Microsite

Working closely with Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam, we produced this online interactive microsite for Nike Women Europe. Each of the 22 athletes had a video or an illustrated book that opened up fullscreen. We also localized the site for 9 languages.

Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam

Producer: Karl Ackermann
Progamming/Animation: Patrick Smith
Project manager: Eun-Ha Paek
Production assistant: Eric Benedict
Creative, Art, Design: Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam

Old Spice Microsite and Ad Banners

We produced Wieden + Kennedy Portland’s Hair Metrics interactive campaign for Old Spice. The create and share app asked users to draw their head and body hair on a model diagram, then analyzed the drawing to assign one of 22 “Hairchetypes”, and offered advice on recommended Old Spice Hair and Body Wash usage.

Ad banners and Microsite

CLIENT: Wieden + Kennedy Portland

Producer, Animation: Karl Ackermann
Additional animation: Eun-Ha Paek, Jon Bryzski
Progamming: Ranjit Bhatnagar
Creative Direction, Copy, Artwork: Wieden + Kennedy Portland

Burger King Chicken Fries Microsite

We brought the mythical (fictional?) band Coq Roq to life for Burger King’s ad campaign in support of their novel menu item, Chicken Fries.
Meant to parody the DIY aesthetic and energy of some heavy metal bands, the website convincingly appropriated band website staples, offering photo galleries, video, music and ringtones for download, and band member profiles.

The campaign was the brainchild of the often controversial Crispin Porter + Bogusky, and as such ruffled a few feathers.

CLIENT: Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Producer, Animator, Programmer: Karl Ackermann
Programmer: Patrick Smith
Animator: Jon Bryszki
Creative Direction, Design: Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Starbucks Ad Banners

A suite of rich media banners done in the holiday spirit, including a carol mashup record and share experience. Click the thumbnails to view.

CLIENT: Wieden + Kennedy Portland

Producer, Animation: Karl Ackermann
Additional animation: Jon Bryzski, Arthur Jones
Creative Direction, Copy, Artwork: Wieden + Kennedy

Nike Asia Illustration

Eun-Ha was very excited to be a part of this Nike Asia ad campaign featuring art by Asian women artists. She loved that it focused on the feeling you get after working out rather than the workout itself. Each artist got word to illustrate – hers was Clarity.

The campaign was used in magazine pullouts, t-shirts and billboards.

CLIENT: Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo

Illustration: Eun-Ha Paek
Art direction: Donjiro Ban

Old Navy Screensaver

Old Navy looked to us to make a fun screensaver as part of an in-store giveaway. The directive was to create something that would appeal to both kids and parents with a look that was different from their usual material while maintaining the Old Navy flavor.

CLIENT: Old Navy

Art Director, Designer, Animator: Eun-Ha Paek
Project Management, Additional Art Direction: Old Navy