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Karl worked with illustrator and animator Arthur Jones and Humanface co-founder Jon Bryski on Arthur’s brainchild pitch for Fox’s Inkubation program. A joint venture between 20th Century Fox Television and Fox Broadcasting company, Fox Inkubation serves as a lab environment in the search for television’s next breakthrough animated hit.

The development process was highly collaborative, and Arthur encouraged participation across creative disciplines, with all team members contributing to multiple areas of development. With a skeleton crew and a compact timeline of two months, we designed, storyboarded, animated, and edited three animated shorts for the proposal.

CLIENT: Fox Inkubation

Created + Written: Arthur Jones
Produced + Directed: Karl Ackermann, Jon Brzyski and Arthur Jones
Art + Animation: Karl Ackermann, Jon Brzyski and Arthur Jones
Animation + Production Assistant: KJ Martinet
Music + Sound Design: Mark Greenberg
Story Editor: David Wilcox
Audio Engineer: Woody Sullender
Animation Assistant: Zejian Shen
Additional Assistance: Seth Lind, Ben Olson

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