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The Fancy

Episode 7 of an online series featuring an Elephant who fancies shoes. Appeared in Resfest 2002 Videos that Rock! Program

Director, Animator, Illustrator, Photographer: Eun-Ha Paek
Music: Takako Minekawa with Dymaxion courtesy of Emperor Norton Records and Polystar Records

The Fancy Press

The Fancy gets a mention in SF Weekly (September 18-24, 2002) and the Village Voice (October 16 – 22, 2002) “Best image: little girl on seahorse floating over snowy city in Eun-Ha Peak’s gorgeous fable for Takako Minekawa’s “The Fancy.””

Make Your Own Damn Card

Make your own damn card. Holiday greeting for 415 productions. Finalist in FlashForward 2000. We also made a Valentine’s version for

CLIENT: 415 Productions

Concept, Animation, Illustration, Programming: Karl Ackermann
Illustration: Aaron Meshon
Server-side Programming: Chris Allert
Additional credits for Valentines:
Pink interface: Paul Kim
Audio: Heather Perkins