Kinya Hanada a.k.a. Mumbleboy is probably most well known for what some people call 'old school' Flash animation and making handmade plush dolls before there were such things as designer toys. Kinya started out as an art student in painting and moved to New York with the ambition of becoming a fine artist, but somehow became more known as a graphic designer (although he never thought of himself as one) . Kinya spent the next decade making work mostly with the personal computer, things like music video for Beck, Shugo Tokumaru, Solex, Frou Frou, Anjali, Bettie Serveert, Jason Forrest, O.Lamm, Momus, Fan3 as well as work in the public realm like the the interactive piece "Mumble Hop" which was first installed at the Museum of the Moving Image and the animation for the Holiday Light Show at the Grand Central which was projected on the ceiling of the main hall at Grand Central station in New York City. Kinya has now focused his attention back to his roots to make artwork by hand in the new home city of Portland.

- Art show "Te Gusta?" at Space 1026 with E*Rock and Ian Lynam, June 2000
- Art show with Chris Bettig at Rome 455AD gallery, San Diego, CA, December 2001
- Venice, Italy for "I love to Meet You" graphic design art show featuring Mike Mills, Geoff McFetridge, Delaware, Abake, etc. October 2002
- Interactive Installation "Mumblehop" by Mumbleboy, Karl Ackermann and E*Rock is shown at Museum of Moving Image, NYC, December 2002
- "Holiday Light Show" at Grand Central station, NYC, December 2002
- Art show "Team Mumble VS. Struggle Inc." at Just Be Compound Gallery in Portland, oregon with Cody Hudson, E*Rock and Ian Lynam, January 2003
- Solo art show at "Mac, Paper, Scissors" at Nuit d'encre gallery, Paris, March 2003
- Collaboration with Harmen Liemburg and Oishi Akinori for an exhibit in Den Bosch, NL, April 2003
- Groups show at Apotheke Gallery in Berlin, May 2003
- Group show "Technological City" at Nuit d'encre gallery with Craig Robinson, Torisu Koshiro, Oishi Akinori and Yoshihito Ando, June 2003
- Group Exhibition for the release of book Pictoplasma 2, November 2003
- Art show "Aqui Uzumaki" with Friends with You and Julian Gatto at Hanna Gallery, Tokyo, June 2004
- Art show "Electric Action Pencil Rockers" with E*Rock at Ediciones Plan B gallery in Oaxaca, Mexico, July 2004
- Group show "Ooh! Ah! Shangri-La" San Diego, CA, July 2004
- art show at 55DSL store, NYC, April 2005
- Giant Balloon Parade "Sky Walkers" produced by the Friends with you with Paperrad, Miasaki Kawai, Ara Peterson, etc., December 2006
- Art show "Super Heroes" with E*rock at hpgrp Gallery Tokyo ,June 2007
- Art show "Super Heroes Return" as Mumbreeze at Littlecakes Gallery in New York City, September 2007
- Art show "Paper Machete Squad" with E*Rock, Portland, Oregon January 2008

- Hotwired Animation Express publishes Mumbleboy animation, October 1998
- Mumbleboy's "safe sex" animation is featured at the Red Hot Organization's website, May 1999
- animation comissioned by ZVEX (guitar effects pedal manufacturer), August 1999
- First music animation for the band "The Sensualists", November 1999
- Music animation for MC Paul Barmann, November 1999
- Animation "Kogals" comissioned for BIG magazine, January 2000
- Music animation for the band All Girl Summer Fun Band, February 2000
- Mumbleboy animation featured in MTV's Real World New Orleans, February 2000
- Animation for MTV's Video Music Awards featuring Moby, September 2000
- Animation for the band Push Kings, September 2001
- Animation for the band IQU, September 2001
- Animation series "The Boy" debuts a Submarine Channel (Amsterdam), December 2001
- Music animation for the band Frou Frou, May 2002
- animation for artist Anna Fidler, June 2002
- Animation on CD " US Poplife Vol. 16 Extension of Electro" on Contact Records, January 2003
- Music animation for Bettie Serveert, January 2003
- Music video fro Anjali, December 2003
- Music video "Ghettochip Malfunction" for Beck, February 2005
- Music video "Karte" for Shugo Tokumaru, August 2005
- Music video "Aerialist" for O.Lamm, December 2006

- First of many monthly VJ gigs at NYC dance party "Odoru", NYC, October 2001
- VJ gig with Inkblot ata a show with John Sheffield and Takagi Masakatsu, October 2001
- VJ gig at WFMU record fair, May 2003
- mini-Europe tour with E*Rock as a VJ in Germany and the Netherlands, September 2003
- VJ gig at Transmediale festival in Belrin, February 2004
- VJ gig at Repellent Festival with Jason Forrest, Williamburg, March 2004
- VJ gig at Animal Lounge, Super Deluxe, Tokyo, May 2004

- Mumbleboy forms collective "Milky elephant" with Karl Ackermann and Eun-Ha Paek, October 1998
- Mumble dolls on sale at RayBeams, Tokyo, June 1999
- Mumbleboy featured in TOKION magazine, July 2000
- Mumbleboy featured in Dazed & Confused magazine, August 2000
- Invited to International Film Festival Rotterdam, The Netherlands, January 2001
- Mumbleboy attends JACK04/POPKIT event in Amsterdam, May 2001
- Specially designed Mumble dolls go on sale at TOKION shop, NYC, June 2001
- animation featured at Bienale de Valencia, Spain, June 2001
- Featured in Channel 4 short documentary "Hot Shots", UK, November 2001
- Animation featured at Sundance Film Festival, January 2002
- Featured on German TV program "Sunny News", February 2002
- Fetured in XLR8R magazine, June 2002
- Featured in RES magazine, June 2002
- Invited to Venice, Italy for "I love to Meet You" graphic design art show featuring Mike Mills, Geoff McFetridge, Delaware, Abake, etc., October 2002
- collaboration with karl Ackermann and E*Rock on an inetractive web piece "House Music" for AIWA, April 2004
- Invited to Pictoplasma Conference, Berlin, October 2004
- Giant Balloon Parade "Sky Walkers" produced by the Friends with you with Paperrad, Miasaki Kawai, Ara Peterson, etc., December, 2006