Tickle Tykes #2
Pee-Mail (introduced by Peter Dribble)

Tickle Tykes #1
Itchy Richie.

Build Your Own Damn Valentines Day Card - DEMO
DEMO ONLY - Can't send or save! Appeared on eGreetings.com
Illustration: Aaron Meshon - Pink Interface: Paul Kim. - Audio: Heather Perkins

everybody gets it.

Put your Face Up and Turn the Bass Up.
Art and Animation: Humanface -
Server: Chris Allert - Client: Wildbrain.com

Party Monster
Birthday Card/Toy for eGreetings.
Illustration: Aaron Meshon - Audio: Heather Perkins

Makes a grand entrance.

Build Your Own Damn Card - Temporarily DOWN
The original. See if your card gets chosen as one of the "best damn cards".
Server: Chris Allert

Commissioned by Nickelodeon Online to help celebrate the past 2000 years.

Um, That's Not True Is It?
Altoids propaganda by Dr.Oh-Yes-It-Is!

teaser for "Milky Elephant CD" a compilation CD-ROM, due early next year

'Hape Nu Yeer'
Personalize this card and send it to a friend.
Audio: Andy Cowitt (415 Producitons) - Server: Scott Zucca (415 Productions)

Norton Love Doctor
For those of you who forgot to spend valentine's day with your Mac. (Mac only)

The Bark, Website
Website navigation for zine dedicated to the love of dogs.

'Tis the Season to Kick Some Ass
Floppy disk mailer, most animation by Eun-Ha Paek. (Mac only)

Appeared on MSN's MINT and One Click Away.

CAVEMANICURE, The Storyboard
A side effect of CAVEMANICURE, The Game...also appeared on MSN

Christmas & New Years
Turn santa into "metal santa" to initiate a New Year's greeting.

...more to come.

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